Sunday, February 22, 2009

Greetings from California =)

Hello !!!! how is everyone doing ????
hopefully everyone is doing good !!!
After knowing yen han updated our class blog, i suddenly feel like contributing.
I wanna make one nice post here, but i will be having exams real soon.
so, I will update after my exam or when i'm free but no promiseee.
Just wanna share some stuff about our US life over here.

Sara and Bryan are at penn state. Both of them are doing fine !!
the weather at their place are pretty cold.
Aidil and Ris are at USC, LA . Both of them are doing fine as well.
Aidil has got a lot of friends from other university. I was surprise that the school actually had like 100 over Malaysian students. They are pretty friendly as well.
Ris's neighbor is the most irritating onesss .. haha ..kesian her !
I am at san fran and i am suffering because i am the dumb one ..hhahaha....

I stayed over at Ris's place for 2 times. The first time was thanks giving break for one week.
Then the second time i stayed around one month. We also met up with Sara and Bryan.
Everyone here is doing fine !!! but we have a lot of hw here.
Everybody is coping fine here !! i am very proud of you all !! =)
claps for pe6-ian in the states .
Ris will be coming over to my place probably next month.

As it is not many pe6-ian come to the states, i think that we have to stay united !!
We must care for each other, since we are so far away from home.
Sometimes, Sara will call me to talk and i will call her to talk too.
It is very important to stay in touch with each other.
I hope pe6-ian that in uk are doing fine too.
As i seldom get any updates from some of you from uk, i hope everything is fine. And, i just wanna say --- keep warm !!
i know uk is freaking cold, plus the snow...omg.

I hope all pe6-ian can stay united no matter where we are right now. =)

Greetings from California !!! heheheh

to dear pe6-ian at the states !!!
fight for GPA 3.5 !!!! GO GO GO JIA YOU !!!
good luck for job hunting and internship !!!

lovess ,

i hope to update (but no promise yet)
1. thanks giving break with Ris n Aidil
2. Sara,bryan came to L.A
3. hopefully disneyland and universal studios trip with pe6-ian.

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