Monday, July 21, 2008

Langkawi Trip.. =P

I noe it has been awhile.. da trip was last week but now oni i put something here.. lol.. anyways, its cuz da blog seems to be decomposing.... waaay past dead d.. so here is a summary of stuffs to make those dat din go jealous =P jkjk

Went to LCCT in 2 cars.. really thanks to gene and jeff cuz their dad, mum and mum drove us der.. really very good la.. lol... den boarded da plane.. makan nasi lemak on board ( well its just me and dom tho, gene had hot dog ). So exp. Den arrived in an hours time...

Upon entry into da terminal, so many agents offering car rentals etc and packages.. like market.. but oh wells.. rented proton wira for RM55 a day.

Zzz, i seem to be talkin a lot, and its rather long.. bah so i'll just give u pics k.. as u noe, pics are worth a thousand words. So here goes; (all the pics have been resized)

well, its da plane = =

jeff and bryan

gene and dom

wira service man.. JKJK its jeff checkin tyre pressure

wira car model.. omgz.. no wonder din sell

da hotel room.. looks okie rite

cycling on third day..

dom and jeff navigating.. are we lost???!!!

night market in langkawi.. superb! and da food is cheap!!!!

last day, wanted to go up da cable car, but had problems, so we resorted to feeding rabbits

So dats wat we did basically.. went snorkelling in pulau payar.. not bad.. got to see baby sharks, big sharks, groupa or garupa and baracuda? dunno la.. quite fun la.. dats basically da summary of our trip. Well, dats all for now.. maybe jeff or someone could give a more detailed explanation if dey wan =P

Well... take care guys...


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