Friday, June 20, 2008

Update on Trip

Hello people... For those who don't know, i'm trying to plan a trip to Langkawi with u guys.. Initially the plan was to Sabah, but due to reason, there is a change.. So anyways, the following are the information i have found out after much research. So if you would like to join us, please do mention...

those confirm going are-
dominic, yenhan, bryan, sara, eugene, jeffrey

Itinerary/Plans for 4D 3N ( for now, hoping to go on the 1st to 4th OR 7th-10th July, subject to change)
Day 1
- Bus > Ferry > Hotel > relax and enjoy > explore town/visit beach
Day 2
- cable car > relax/free and ez at the beach etc
Day 3
- Snorkeling at Marine Park ( half day gone ) > dinner > leisure time
Day 4
- Mangrove Tour > subject to your liking

A lil extra info-
Bus takes about 6 hours from KL and ferry takes about 2 hours
alternately we can take air asia but the fare might be about RM95 ( RM190 2 ways )
*extra info ( may be able to get RM170 to and fro from airasia )

Proposed accommodation is at Awana, Porto Malai. Very good hotel supposedly, but dun have beach, so dat is the set back...

Mangrove tour, is we rent a boat and go around the mangrove, maybe see eagle feeding, visit fish farm, bat cave, crocodile farm etc.. depends on the package we take..

Snorkeling at Marine Park, which is said to be really good.
May even get to snorkel next to baby sharks ( according to ppl's review )

Accommodation is still under consideration...

So the following is the budget -
bus + ferry x2 RM150 < very uncertain
car rental RM 240 divided by 5 = RM 48
accommodation RM 60 a nite
food RM 25-40 a day
marina park snorkeling RM 100 - 130
mangrove tour RM 30 - 50
cable car - RM15
So, the rough approximation is about RM600.

On a second note, we can always change a few things-
such as we can stay at somewhere cheaper but low quality...
we can also skip tours and etc and just hang out at the beach.
Do let me know your comments..

Regards, Jeremy

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