Friday, June 13, 2008

proms and all other memorable pictures

hi there everyone. how was prom? i believe it was not bad right? i actually did enjoy myself. i hope that you do too! can you imagine?? one month ago we were still wondering how tough will finals be. how are we gonna pass through all these days? now, everything has passed. no longer stressed, no longer worried. one and a half years have passed. pretty fast right? time flies i believe. who knows, in a few more years we will see some familliar faces appearing in the papers. and that will be when we think back and kept ourselves wonder who that person is.
well , i hope that wont be happening cause we have this blog to keep ourselves updated with each and everyones life.
i know this wont be easy. after some time this blog might just die off. but i really really hope that if we have the initiative to start it , let's just keep it updated till the end ! alright?!
although , throughout this one and a half year there were lots of unwanted incident that happened in our class.but getting to know each other and facing ourselves with ppl that will be in the society in the future made me much more matured then how i used to be. that's my case lar. i dont know urs. however, good friends are not easy to find. good friends are those that will be with u no matter what happens and good friends are the ones that will support you , that lends u her/his shoulder whenever you need it.
there are much more things that we will be facing in the future. therefore, i hope that we will keep this blog alive and let's support each other in each and everyone's life alright!
pics......! enjoy! (pls be aware most pics contain me =p)

alright. thats bout it. contented or not? if ur not , then ar , blame the photographer. if u are contented , thanks me for my camera! =p

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