Saturday, June 7, 2008

Trip zzz

Hey fellas, to those handful who still come to the site, here's a few updates-

Planning trip to be somewhere along early july.. probably mon(30th june) till around 7th july.. around these times i guess... Anyone with objections to the time, pls do inform.

Also, the most probable place would be Sabah. Wat to do der is climb mt. Kinabalu and lepak at the beach. For a 3D 2N stay, it should be about RM550 approx. 4D 3N maybe 650 +
That is the very rough budget(by adding up figures in my head)..
Flight costs to and fro should be RM250 la.. im not quite sure, have to call up the airline company.

But before doing so, i need more input from u guys.. so just ask around or wat...

TIME - early July oki?
BUDGET - RM550 ++ okie?
PLACE - sabah okie bo?

If can, lemme noe la ya.. ASAP...

will update more.. thx..

good luck for lousy fizik = =

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