Monday, May 26, 2008

elo ~

Hie guys, yH here again..
Err, its still the exams season, about 7 more papers to go for some of us.. xD
Anyways, just wanted to inform that invites to blog has been sent out to most of u all, this is to allow u guys to blog too, whenever u are free or wat. So no excuses on why u din update.. xD

Another matter i wanna voice out is the.... AFTER EXAMS trip!
love dat word... after exams... sounds so nice, and tempting...
anyways, so where u fellas wanna go. Most classes have already planned theirs..
We are too hardworking to plan ours xD yea rite..

So, one of my suggestions is to go for the outdoors, or go to Sabah xD
Well, beach is my preferred choice.. so PD? Pangkor? Redang(many taylorians going)
hmmm genting's boredom might just kill me, unless we purposely go stay in haunted apartments..

Anyways, do voice out in the cbox > or click on comments so it can be saved for future viewings..

TC, have fun, GL

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