Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hello Guys...

Yo.. welcome to the blog. As you can see there are a 'few' adjustments. Spent quite awhile doing this.. TT.. should have been studying xD

Anyways, i apologize if the blog is worse den before.. This is what i had while i was doing it, so if u guys have any ideas, do pitch in.

Regarding the pics and media taken yesterday, i have compiled most of it. Correct me if i'm wrong, cameras on that day were mine, hari's and leile... i mean lay lin's. Dats all rite.. Anyways, total media since Jan2007 amounts to about 990 mb i think. So.... will try to filter out some until 700 mb which is burnable into a cd, den will be passing it around during exam days..

On a side note, to the person who placed that cbox on the right, please change the theme/colour to match the blog. TQ

PE6 fellas, i bid u best of luck and wish u a very happy studying for the coming exams!

take care..

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