Thursday, May 8, 2008

last day of college

goodness. poor blog. no updates for quite some time ad eh?

haha. today is the last friday we are gonna spend our time together in class , talking.
in other words , today will be the last friday before our one week study break.
haha. well , one and a half year is pretty short eh? after few more months , we will all fly to all different places. some UK, some US some Malaysia....... maybe singapore? australia? i dont know..
anyways , just to inform everyone , i hope that we will be able to keep this blog alive. as besides msn , this might be the only way we will be able to spread news about our life to everyone in the future.
and. today is also teachers day!
this sunday it will be mothers day!
what a busy week eh?
find one day i will cook for all of you alright!

take care! tatas!

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